Crowd-sourcing and intellectual property considerations

Developments in technology and social media platforms have changed the way that businesses engage with their consumer markets.

Can patents help regulate future experimentation with designer babies?

Jiankui He, an associate professor of bioengineering who is currently on leave from Southern University of Science and Technology, in Shenzhen, China, has claimed to be the first to successfully bring to life two genetically-edited twin girls, Lulu and Nana.

Can your email disclaimer get you out of an unintended contract?

It is a reasonably well-known fact that most types of agreement may be entered into using electronic means; for example, by way of email, or even instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp.


The Constitutional Court judgment which decriminalises the private use of cannabis has also resulted in an emotional high for a lot of South Africans.

TRUE OR FALSE: LUXURY BRANDS ARE THE ONLY TARGETS OF COUNTERFEITERS – Protecting Fast-Moving Consumer Goods from counterfeiters

Counterfeiting is a practice where goods, which are generally of an inferior quality, are manufactured and sold as an imitation of the intellectual property rights of another, without their permission.  This in turn results in

Intellectual property and the shape of things

Recently one of the leading producers of soy sauce, the Kikkoman Corporation, was finally able to have its soy sauce dispenser bottle registered as a 3-D trade mark in Japan.

Medical technology: Setting the pace in innovation

In 1962, when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, Telstar launched the first communications satellite, and General Electric introduced the world to the single LED.

Compelling Case for Patenting in South Africa

South Africa (SA) is widely recognised as the gateway to the rest of Africa, a continent which contains 30% of the world’s mineral reserves, and 1 billion people.

Why registration of your Brand with Customs in Mauritius is important to your South African and rest of Africa enforcement strategy.

Mauritius attracts many entities wanting to set up shop on their tropical island.