Patents of Note 1

Patents of Note is a regular series of articles touching on patents that are of interest to the general public.

Patenting Strategy: When to Patent?

Patenting of inventions can be notoriously expensive; however, the monopoly attracted because of it has the potential to exceed, by far, any initial patenting costs.

How a “House of Bonang” can house its IP

As most of you already know, Bonang Matheba, one of South Africa’s leading media personalities, launched her own range of sparkling wine (MCC) called “HOUSE OF BNG” on Monday, 18 March 2019.

You have a marketing and PR strategy - what about your IP strategy?

Watch this short and informative video on the importance of spring-cleaning your IP portfolio – vital for all business owners and management.

Don’t forget the utility model

Inventors often (hopefully always) look at ways to protect their inventions to gain the most benefit for them. The first ports of call are invariably patent, design and copyright protection along with trade mark protection.

A simple understanding of Counterfeit law in South Africa

Eradicating counterfeit goods in the South African market is essential to its economy. The practical consequence of not taking action against the sale of counterfeit goods in the market results in loss in sales and profits of genuine goods and brands.

What do you meme it is illegal to share memes?

Firstly, what is a meme?  A meme is an image, video, picture or piece of text that is typically humorous in nature that spreads like wildfire on the Internet. It can also be defined as a virally transmitted cultural symbol or social idea.

The Collaboration between Franchising and Social Media

Over the past decade or so, social media has transformed from an entertaining pastime and means for social networking into a modern-day marketing tool, for both franchisors and franchisees alike.

How small businesses can protect themselves against retail giants

“New year, new me” …well, the second month of 2019 is here which means that our New year’s resolutions are next year’s problem and we are pretty much back to basics.

Patenting a design?

Intellectual property rights are divided into a number of different categories, each of which is regulated by its own act, or by the common law. Patents and designs make up two of these categories.