What you should know about copyright as an author or creator

The Copyright Act does not require registration in order to acquire copyright in respect of a particular work. Instead copyright subsists automatically once a work has been completed, provided that certain requirements are met.

Woolworths manages to sweet talk its way out of an ASA Consumer Complaint

In the recent matter between Woolworths Holdings Limited (“Woolworths”) and Mrs.

Spring Clean Your IP Portfolio

In many companies it is common for business plans to evolve over time, however, what is often forgotten is their overriding intellectual property (IP) strategy which does not adapt to those changes.  Business owners and management need to constantly review and update the company’s IP strategy in

You have a marketing and PR strategy - what about your IP strategy?

Watch this short and informative video on the importance of spring-cleaning your IP portfolio – vital for all business owners and management.

Junk Science and Disclosure

One of the interesting aspects of patents is the degree to which countries have harmonised their laws.

Data Breaches: What is Required?

South Africa has experienced no fewer than four significant data breaches involving consumer’s personal information held by businesses, in the preceding ten months alone.

Roger Federer still able to surprise after all these years

Tennis fans flock to courtsides and televisions to watch Swiss tennis sensation Roger Federer and instantly recognize the iconic RF Logo that has become synonymous with the man.

Commercial transactions and patents: Important considerations to be noted

The intellectual capital of a business – its patent portfolio in particular – is one of many factors which ought to be thoroughly evaluated prior to entering into a licensing agreement or when considering a possible merger or acquisition.

It’s a revolution

Does the fourth industrial revolution call for a sui generis form of IP protection?

Software Developers Pasop/Beware/Qaphela/Hlokomela

Section 2 of the South African Copyright Act 98 of 1978 (the “Act”) states that computer programs are eligible for copyright protection in South Africa.