To patent or not to patent

“Should I patent my invention or rather keep it confidential and hope a third party does not copy it?” This is a question often posed to patent professionals.

Is graffiti protected by copyright?

Graffiti is no longer considered to be vandalism and destruction of public property, with fashion labels and major corporations using it in their advertising campaigns.  There

Tips for protecting your new invention

Once a new invention has come to life, its protection may often be a daunting task, especially to novice inventors and entrepreneurs.

Important considerations of protection in Africa

Africa is one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world with countries with natural resources such as mining, oil and gas, and agriculture, benefitting from increased commodity prices.

AFRICA – An ideal market for brand holders and counterfeiters

25 May is celebrated as AFRICA DAY and marks the formation of the African Union. Africa has seen a vast increase in investment and growth over the past 50+ years and many companies have already mobilized to capture this emerging demand. 

#FillUp – A perfect example of why a trade mark should be registered

Cassper Nyovest is known in South Africa for many things, including (allegedly) “biting” – but not in the way you think.